This sprint, we focused primarily on fixing bugs and improving performance across the app.
Over the coming weeks, we will be shifting more of our resources to performance improvements to reduce load times across all parts of the app.
Other Improvements
  • Made some minor performance improvements to the Client List.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing some metrics visuals to appear blurry on export.
  • Fixed a bug causing some recurring non-closing tasks not to recur on completion.
  • Fixed a bug causing the tasks in the "Your Priority Tasks" section of the daily digest to show up out of order.
  • Fixed a bug causing some transactions in the transaction questions table to show up as deleted when they are not deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where the "autofill" button on Vendor Requests overwrote some vendor fields with blank values.
  • Fixed several bugs where deep linking in comments routed back to the Client List.
  • Fixed a bug causing errors on the Metrics page.
  • Fixed a bug causing errors when trying to delete the Pre-Close section.
  • Fixed a bug where updating a task's status on task list temporarily recreates a new task with same due date.
  • Fixed a bug causing some non-closing tasks to recur on the wrong day.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a Pre-Close task on Close page adds the task to the middle of the list.