Workflow / Task Management

September 28, 2023

Comments 2.0
Keeper's internal commenting system got a huge new upgrade today.
First and foremost, we've completely overhauled the UI to make comments feel similar to what you're used to from other applications.
We also added many highly requested features, including the ability to ...
  • edit comments
  • delete comments
  • add images to comments
  • emoji react to comments
  • click a comment to go to the applicable transaction/task/account/etc.
Finally, we rebuilt comment search in Keeper to make it easier to find comments you're looking for.
Other Improvements
  • Updated the columns on the Contacts table in the Client Portal manager.
  • The contacts table is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Updated the style of the loading bar on the Close Page so the page doesn't jump when client data finishes loading.
  • Added text labels next to the icons on the Close page navigation bar to make it easier to pick the right icon.
  • Added support for Australian QuickBooks files and added the ability to bill in Australian currency.
  • Improved Close Page initial load times.
  • Improved performance on the Prepare 1099s report.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing "ready" badges on the Client communications tabs to show "0 ready" when there were no questions ready for action.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Task List to unfilter when updating a task's status.
  • Fixed a bug causing the email blast button to show up as an icon instead of a button.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some templates to be duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug causing line items not to show up in the line items tab of the transaction detail table transactions in the Transactions without Class report.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from removing the Top Vendors by Spend report from the Management Report.
  • Fixed a bug that caused excessively long print times for Management Reports.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented standard users from being assigned tasks in Project Templates.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented merge tags from working in email subjects when checking the "notify client" button on inbound questions.